About 707 Flora

707 Flora’s premiere CBD active complex is FULL SPECTRUM HEMP EXTRACT that boasts a myriad of benefits because it is extracted from the whole plant. Every one of our products are formulated with this high grade, full spectrum extract which has absolutely no isolates, carrier oils or synthetics.

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CBD Liquid Labs

About CBD Liquid Labs

CBD Liquid Labs also offers a broad range of capabilities, from custom recipe development with full production and manufacturing, to confidential private labeling of your branded CBD products. With a current average yearly production capacity of over 1 million units, CBD Liquid Labs can meet the needs of any client.

Plain Jane

About Plain Jane

We like to keep our products simple – or should we say, Plain? So we process our hemp to remove terpenes and toxins from the plant to give you a low-smell, smooth product that you can feel comfortable smoking just about anywhere

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Why Natural Heights CBD?
Every supplement we produce is 100% natural CBD. We use trusted, high quality sources and advanced extraction processes for our cannabidiol.