Magu Box Monthly Subscription


Monthly Hemp Goddess Delivery! Magu Box Only $49.95/mth CBD Products Only! No THC! Legal in all 50 States!

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Hand picked top grade CBD products delivered at your doorstep!

We offer a broad array of CBD products in our monthly subscription box. Products include CBD flower,, pre-rolled CBD flower, oils, chapsticks, bath bombs, lotions, spays, cookies, gummies, pain creams, chocolate, coffee, candies and more.

Delivery cost is included in your monthly price.

The boxes get shipped and delivered at your doorstep between the 1st-3rd of each month.

You will be excited to receive over $150 worth of CBD retail products each and every month for $49.95.

In addition your box has original art printed, signed and numberd on the cardboard giving you a unique collectable art piece.


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